“Pursuing My Vision” is a philosophy based on discovering what you’re passionate about and then seeking out the opportunities to live it every day.  It doesn’t matter if you pursue your vision for five minutes a day or you make a living doing what you love to do.  “PMV” means you are spending quality time directly fulfilling your heart’s desire.

Think progressively, work diligently, and leave the distractions in your wake.  do not be afraid to fail, be judged, or be different.  Vision of self that dictates satisfaction within. Enjoy YOUR life!

PMV ENTERTAINMENT is the expression of our vision.

We are the brand that supports a network of passionate, inspired people.  We want to be inspired.  And, then, we want to leave inspiration for others.

We are the pursuit of vision inspired by passion and nurtured by culture.

We are dreamers and innovators.

we are inspired visionaries.

We are...

WE  ARE . . .

Pursuing My Vision

Eric Thomas - “Success” Speech (PMV Edit)